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We live in a time when cyber attacks are growing and becoming more aggressive every day. The number of threats to our business and personal lives digitally are proliferating and we don't even know it. This is because it is impossible to see the enemy as they hide behind the shield of the world wide internet and infiltrate your systems under the guise of harmless emails or websites. It is very clear that you cannot go it alone in this brave new digital world.

Your best defense is to have ICT security specialists working on your behalf to at a minimum do the following:

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This is the bare minimum that you should be doing to protect your Company. As you move forward it is advisable to continually adapt and build your ICT security specialist team's duties by adding to the services that they provide you. At inception of their services, one of the best ways that they can help you be proactive is to contract ICT security specialists to take a survey of your current computer environment and make a recommendation on future network needs that will give you a idea of what you can enhance over time as your budget and strategic plan permits. ICT security professionals can also work with your current vendor base and look at your current contracts to see if they make sense for your business. They will also help to do any documentation that you may want so that you can execute processes in the future that are flexible and dynamic.

You own ICT security specialist professional will work with you to come up with a plan that fits your individual needs and preferences without pressuring you to add unneeded services. ICT specialists can ensure that the design of your systems will work properly and fit together seamlessly all the while they monitor and adjust the performance of your network. If necessary, they will also help you troubleshoot your current system and repair any malfunctions in hardware or software. ICT specialists can also look at your current infrastructure and diagnose existing problems or potential vulnerabilities that could become issues in the future. In short, ICT security specialists should be your one stop cyber security protection shop.

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