How Will Rank Brain Effect SEO?

    To deliver results, Google has released a new machine learning technology that will be sorting search results created using artificial intelligence. RankBrain has been attracting the attention of digital marketing Melbourne professionals and website owners alike, all looking to understand how the system will affect SEO. To get an accurate deduction to this question, it is vital to first understand what RankBrain really is and how it works.

    What is machine learning?

    In machine learning, a computer teaches itself how to execute some processes or tasks, as opposed to being taught by a human being. Machine learning technology has been applied in RankBrain, so if you are a SEO Melbourne professional here is how it works.

    What is RankBrain?

    RankBrain is an AI (artificial intelligence) program used by Google to help in the processing of search queries. Through artificial intelligence, RankBrain embeds vast amounts of mathematical entities, also known as vectors, which can be understood by a computer. When RankBrain spots a word that it is unfamiliar, it will make guesses to words that can have similar syntax or meaning and in that process the search results are filtered accordingly. This makes handling search queries easier and more effective than ever before. Through RankBrain, a phrase may rank differently depending on the country in which the search is made. This, Google argues, is to satisfy the need to cater for preferences in different geographical regions.


    So, how important is RankBrain?

    RankBrain is among hundreds of signals that form an algorithm that chooses what results appear on a Google page when you search for a certain keyword or phrase. Google ranks it the third most important criteria in determining search results, accounting for at least 15 percent of online searches.

    How does RankBrain Impact SEO?


    As explained by most web design Melbourne experts, defining keywords is the first step in the creation of an SEO campaign. While defining keywords, you should look for relevant phrases and words that suit your business and most people should be searching for these words and phrases online. For many years, this has been the process to a successful campaign. If your keywords are not among phrases customers are searching for, then your campaign will not have any effect.

    Initially, Google used a predictable and constant algorithm, but with the ability to learn, RankBrain changes from time to time. Therefore, you should create an adaptable SEO campaign probably with the help of a digital marketing Melbourne expert. The support of a web design Melbourne expert would also be necessary because you need to optimize your website to match with the changes made to the Google system.

    How RankBrain will affect your brand?

    Due to the numerous effects that RankBrain will have on search results, it’s apparent that failure to optimize your keywords to match what most people are searching will mean failure in your campaigns. You need to position your brand at a position that will allow people to easily access products and offers.

    It is advisable to consult with experts of SEO Melbourne to learn what you should incorporate to your online store to rank well on search engines. Remember RankBrain is not static like the previous algorithms used by Google, so you need to create a schedule that will help you to stay in touch with updates made to the system, otherwise this may have a downward effect on your online presence.

    Is RankBrain similar to the Knowledge Graph?

    The knowledge graph, which was launched in 2012, was designed to search for things not strings. It is a database of facts unlike RankBrain, which searches for information based on suggestions.

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