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    Digital Marketing For Startups In Australia

    Digital Marketing and the youth group aged 16-24 want media brands that are going to make their life easier. The majority of entrepreneurs in Australia who use start ups are the youth. In the years 2006-2011 start ups and entrepreneurs have created 1.44 million jobs for the economy.

    Starting September 20, 2017, there will be a new marketing program for new and existing entrepreneurs, offered by the Australian Government, to assist the youth to gain acceptance within digital enterprises. This new marketing device will be what is called incubator projects, and as the name implies, will incubate a new start up company until it is capable of running successfully on its own.

    The incubators companies are set up by well known, successful businesses that are willing to take one or more new start up brand “under their wing” to offer mentorship, resources, and funding to get the incubator company up and on its way to becoming successful. The main idea behind incubators is to get the young Australian companies just starting out to become known in the international markets. The Australian Government has taken the initiative to support these incubator projects, by originally funding $8 million, and now committing an additional $15 million to support these project over the next four years.

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    There are two components to the incubator funding project. These components are for new and existing incubators. It will help incubators with the potential for international trade success, as well as boost funding to expand service and provide an innovative ecosystem.

    Next, there is the “expert-in residence” support. This type of support provides the top technical, research and managerial services to incubators in order to give them the chance to be successful in the international sector.

    How much funding will be provided? Up to 50 percent of the total incubators support project value. A minimum $10,000 to a maximum $500,000.00 with the grant period of 24 months, this is for the new and existing incubators. The Expert-in Residence incubators will get $1000 to $25000 with a 12 month grant period.

    Another way for Australia to compete in the international markets is with the “Global Innovation Strategy“. This is a plan to invest $36 million dollars over a four year period to improve Australia’s science, research, and innovation collaboration internationally.

    The National Innovation and Science Agenda will establish landing pads. A landing pad offers the start up a short term (90 days) operating base, where they are able to get entrepreneurial talent, mentors and investors, to get their network connected to a wider variety of hubs.

    The Global Innovation Linkages Program is a $16.5 million to support research and industries. Supplying organizations with a $1 million grant per year for up to four years. This will aid international partners in the key economies with their research and developmental projects.

    The Regional Collaboration Program is a $3.2 million investment to aid delivery solutions to the Asia-Pacific regions.

    The Australian Digital Marketing sector is quickly growing into a competitive one. With the assistance of more experienced companies these incubator projects, landing pads, and other innovative projects, the Australian’s will soon be a globally successful marketplace.

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