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    5 Common Email Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid

    Email marketing is considered to be one of the easiest and affordable solutions for reaching the targeted audience. Whether you want to communicate with tens, hundreds or thousands of potential clients, email marketing is the right solution. Is email marketing too simple? Well, many individuals and companies make mistakes while planning email marketing strategy.


    1. Not creating a Long-term Strategy

    Remember that you cannot get extraordinary results with one single email campaign. One email campaign may be able to produce limited results. One should focus on a series of emails that are designed for your target audience. While planning email marketing strategy, you should focus on the long term strategies and that will engage your audience. Think about email marketing strategy thoroughly and aim at long term goals.


    2. Creating campaigns that are seem to be spam

    Most of the email accounts have the ability to analyse the incoming emails. Based on that, they categorise them as genuine or spam. To prevent being seemed as spam, one should avoid the following things:

    Using eye-catchy phrases in the subject line

    Not maintaining a balance between text and images

    Using no text in the subject line

    Using excessive capital letters or bold fonts

    3. Not sending a test email before running the campaign

    Once you have created the email marketing campaign, you should wait and test it. Send test emails to your own IDs and you can also send them to your colleagues to see whether there are any flaws. You can make the changes if required and then send it to your clients.


    4. Not measuring the campaign’s performance

    You may have sent the emails. Now what? Start tracking your campaign’s performance. Find out how many recipients have opened the email, clicked on your website, and unsubscribed. This information will help you track the performance of your email marketing campaigns and you can alter the future campaigns accordingly.

    5. Not explaining why the recipient is receiving the email

    While crafting the email marketing campaign, you should explain why the recipient is receiving the email. Clearly define the purpose of the email and mention all your contact details. It is a good idea to have an unsubscribe option for all the emails you send. This would ensure that you are compliant with CAN-SPAM Act and this would improve the chances of your emails to be delivered in the inbox instead of junk box.

    Five essentials of an email

    » Your email should have calls-to-action and links to your website as this would help to generate more traffic to your website

    » Do not overload the mail with content or images

    » Monitor the email analytics to keep a track of potential leads

    » Research the spam keywords and avoid using them

    » Make the subject line eye-catchy and attractive


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